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      Meeting for project cooperation between Shuifa Construction Group... 2020-08-04
      Shuifa construction international company" was renamed as "Shuifa ... 2020-07-21
      Xiaoqinghe flood control comprehensive treatment project... 2020-07-13
      Shandong Water Conservancy Construction Group Co., Ltd. won the bid for... 2020-07-01
      Drinking water project officially come into service in Gushi County... 2020-06-28
      Science and technology innovation adds power, improves quality and... 2020-06-22
      Visit of Representatives of Morocco Atlas Huanian Shengde Mining Co., Ltd... 2020-06-18
      China-AfricaCcpit Trade Promotion Organization and China-aAfrica... 2020-05-25
      Framework cooperation signing agreement ceremony for Liaocheng... 2020-05-02
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      Shuifa Construction group participate the
      Flood and drought control emergency rescue
      SDWP launched "World Water Day...
      Iron Roses spirit exhibition-SDWP Organized...
      Bangladesh Nuclear Power Plant Dredging
      The Sixtieth Anniversary Ceremony of SDWP
      SDWP Comes to Red Flag Apartment for the ...
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           Shandong Water Construction Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Shandong Water Construction" or "the Company") is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Shuifa Group

      Copyright  Shandong Water Conservancy Construction Group Co.,Ltd
      Add:No. Ten East Road, 33399 Shuifa tower, Ji'nan (The intersection of ten East Road and Tang Ye Xi Road)    Tel:+86 0531 80876106    E-mail:sdwpieco@126.com
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